Stuck? Stop multi-tasking.

I”ll be “stuck” at something and realize that I”m trying to listen to a YouTube video in the background while “working” on the task. When I shut off the video and push through, it usually works. Sometimes, I need to go and play the piano, take a walk or just sit with my eyes closed to disconnect.

A couple other ideas from MrBenBurns:

#1 Use sprints to generate bad ideas.

You could set a time limit of 20 minutes and see if you can come up with 20 videos ideas. Or, see how many blog post ideas you can generate in 5 minutes. Most of them probably won’t be good, but that doesn’t matter. Seth Godin talks about this often: The more bad ideas, the better. Good ideas don’t come from nowhere, they come from generating enough bad ones until we hit upon something different.

#2 Talk to someone who doesn’t do what you do.

I remember working on a tech project for a client and there was one piece I couldn’t figure out. I had looked at it from a couple different angles and it required skill I didn’t have. Then, I was explaining my problem to my brother-in-law and he asked me: “What don’t you try x?” x wouldn’t work, but if you changed it a little bit, you could use y to solve my problem. The approach he suggested would not likely occur to someone trying to solve the problem, which is why an outside perspective is very important.

Hope that helps.


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