Put The Reps In.

If you have been following my blog, you might remember me quoting James Clear talking about a study where there were two groups of photography students. Group A was the “quality group”. They had to produce was one photo for the entire semester. It had to be a great photo, their best work. Group B was the “quantity” group. If they produced a hundred photos, regardless of quality, they got an A. All the best grades came from the “quantity” group. The quality group was busy theorizing about what makes a great photo and only produced a mediocre photo while the quantity group was actually experimenting and taking pictures. If you want to excel at anything, there is a point at which you have to:

“Shut up and put your reps in.” – James Clear

Photo Credit: James Clear

This month I’ve found myself planning and plotting and theorizing about how I can get my goals done without actually doing much towards them. Planning is not action. Planning is the setup for action. We need to plan, we need feedback but most of all, we need to just put our reps in. Plan your habits, adjust your habits, then Just Do It!


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