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  • If you don’t do the first step, you won’t do the rest.

    If you don’t do the first step, you won’t do the rest.

  • Expectations

    “Where expectations are high, we tend to rise to meet them. Where expectations are low, we tend to drop to meet them.” “We like the freedom low expectations give us, but we’re really being robbed.” From Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

  • I’m Getting Older and I need something to rely on.

    I’m getting older and I need something to rely on.

  • “Wasted Years”

    “all those ‘wasted years’, they weren’t wasted; because you learned.” – Jocko Willink You learned what it’s like to be weak. To not try. To give into despair. Now you get to teach other people and inspire them.

  • To Gain Clarity, Write.

    David C. Baker: “We gain clarity through articulation.” James Clear also talks about how he doesn’t really know what he thinks about something unless he has written about it. Journaling has made a big difference for me in gaining clarity through writing. Especially when I’m writing as a prayer to God.

  • What You Don’t See, God Does

    I wrote a song for a friend who was battling cancer. I shared it with them and it was a great encouragement to them. Then, my Uncle’s cancer battle got harder and I knew him better than my other friend. So, I changed my dedication to read: “My Uncle and my other friend”. It ended…

  • Christians in Suffering

    Just read this. Just understand this. Read It Here

  • Complexity

    “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” – Tony Robbins

  • Enjoy the Process

    Outcomes are constantly in motion, enjoy the journey. Goals give you a direction, but milestones are what get you there. We are much more likely to complete 12 – 1 week goals than 1 -12 week goal. We can use this to “level up” ourselves by making goals that we can “level up” to. Maybe…

  • Stuck? Stop multi-tasking.

    I”ll be “stuck” at something and realize that I”m trying to listen to a YouTube video in the background while “working” on the task. When I shut off the video and push through, it usually works. Sometimes, I need to go and play the piano, take a walk or just sit with my eyes closed…