Tag: Writing

  • To Gain Clarity, Write.

    David C. Baker: “We gain clarity through articulation.” James Clear also talks about how he doesn’t really know what he thinks about something unless he has written about it. Journaling has made a big difference for me in gaining clarity through writing. Especially when I’m writing as a prayer to God.

  • Positioning Statement

    People often wonder how to make their “positioning statement”. A short statement that defines them in a way that resonates with their ideal client. To start, I would ask yourself four questions: Who do I want to serve? What problems do they have? Of those problems, which ones can I solve? What solution can I…

  • Why? Finding Purpose in Communication

    Have you ever written a speech, a blog post or an essay and wondered: “Why does this matter?” “How can I show them that it does?”. We’ll be breaking this down in 5 steps using a blog post as an example. #1. Ask yourself, “What do you want to be true of your audience after…