Martin-Lloyd-Jones once said “Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face-to-face with God.”

Pray for your churches. Pray for your pastors. Pray for the leaders and the deacons and the treasurers and the secretaries and the janitors and the sound guys and the people who slip in the back row and leave before you have a chance to say hello. Pray for purity. Pray for unity. Pray for God’s grace. Pray for purity of life and doctrine. Pray for God’s word to be preached with power supplied by God. Pray for God to continually transform the way we think to be more in line with His word. Pray for spiritual growth. Pray for proper rebuke and exhortation from the Bible. Pray for reconciliation, graceful speech, and tact in speaking with others. Pray for grace. Pray for financial provision. Pray for yourself. Pray that God would use you to make an impact on the world through your church. More than your money, more than your service, more than your attendance what your church needs from you is your personal holiness. They need you to come, they need you to serve and they need your financial support. But, more than that they need a sinner who recognizes their need for a Savior and comes daily on their knees before Him in His word and prayer.

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