A Sweeter Song

We are easily lulled into sin by our flesh and the world. They sing a sweet song that brings us to the rocks to die. They sell slavery under the guise of “Independence”. But, there is a sweeter song. A greater Savior, a greater Purpose, a greater Meaning, a greater joy beyond measure. A beauty worth dying for. It consumes us until nothing remains outside its control. Our all-sufficient, all-satisfying treasure. This, is only found in the death of Jesus Christ. Only our trust in His sacrifice on our behalf. Only in the relationship that results from that. Only in our heavenly Friend. Only in a joy that transcends this world. Only by faith in a Person that calls us to let go of everything else we may hold dear to His sole, perfect control. It is only in letting go of our “Independence” do we find freedom. I don’t want to only hear from Moses as he comes down from the mountain, I want to climb and spend time with God because grace affords me that privilege — to come before almighty God.

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  1. I really loved this – very eloquent, poetic, and best of all, profound. A joy to read for many reasons!

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