Month: November 2021

  • Suffering: A Different Take on Thanksgiving

    Suffering: A Different Take on Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a special time of year for giving thanks as we reflect on all God has given us. The cliche is that everything is great, therefore I praise God. When the harvest is in, the table is full, and we have no apparent lack of anything. What about when the harvest…

  • A Letter to a Friend

    A Letter to a Friend

    The following is a lightly edited excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend on joy, suffering and making our lives count. I recommend reading it as if I wrote it to you. “…I will be praying for you and encourage you to focus on what cannot be seen. What God is doing in…

  • Organs Weep the Tears

    “The organs weep the tears that the eyes refuse to shed.” – Sir William Olser For someone with chronic pain, this strikes a chord. We often feel pain we do not express.

  • I Quit.

    I Quit.

    I set out to post a blog post every day for 30 days. I’m 28 days in, and I quit. I quit because I want to write. I quit because I don’t want to just post nice quotes, I want to share what I’m learning. It’s not my goal to have a, “Hey, look at…

  • A Copland Celebration: National Symphony Orchestra

    The following is a piece I wrote on this broadcast of Aaron Copland’s 80th Birthday Concert:   This video is a recording of a television broadcast about Aaron Copland. There is commentary and interviews between songs. The broadcast features live music composed by Copland and performed by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center…

  • Don’t Sabotage Your Future By Planning For It

    I often sabotage my future by planning for it. I let planning become a substitute for action. Some planning is essential for success, but it should never replace action. A great article on why proper planning is essential: A great article on how planning can easily take the place of action:

  • While We’re Waiting

    “What God is doing in us while we wait is more important than what we’re waiting for.” – Unknown

  • The Land of Ardon: An Introduction

    Here’s the introduction to “The Land of Ardon”, my first short story. I’ll post more as I write. My formatting got a bit messed up when I posted it on the blog. Location: Plymouth, England. “This rebellion has gotten out of hand!” Admiral Cadbury fumed as he paced back and forth in front of his…

  • Execute

    We cannot let planning take the place of action. Planning is important, but we need to execute our plans. “Success comes not from what we think about or plan to do, but from what we actually do.” –Scott Sonenshein I found it on LinkedIn posted by: Peter Vande Hey

  • Study Skill: Let Your Mind Wander

    Let your mind wander to study better: