I Quit.

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I set out to post a blog post every day for 30 days. I’m 28 days in, and I quit.

I quit because I want to write. I quit because I don’t want to just post nice quotes, I want to share what I’m learning. It’s not my goal to have a, “Hey, look at this article someone else wrote” blog. There will be some of that, but it’s not the main goal. There’s no risk, no art, in that. I want to create, not just direct. I’ve been hiding. I haven’t shipped any writing that made me wonder, “Is this going to work?”. When I was uncertain about a post, I didn’t share it. I posted it on this blog, but only because I knew I wouldn’t send a link to someone else. “Is this going to work?” is Seth Godin’s standard for ART that matters. If you don’t wonder whether or not it will work, you probably haven’t pushed yourself far enough. Write well, and ship your writing before it’s “perfect”.

What Does That Look Like?

  1. I will write about books I’m reading and ideas I’m learning. I will post short-form writing and quotes in Big Ideas & Quotes and longer-form writing in Writing About Learning.
  2. I will post some school pieces in College Writing
  3. I will continue The Land of Ardon, my first short story.

How Often?

I’ll write and post something longer-form for College Writing, The Land of Ardon, or Weekly Wanderings once a week.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect that I will give away what I’m learning for free. You may find that it is worth every penny, or much more. You should expect that I’m still learning and will never stop. I will never “arrive”. I will never have perfect writing, but I will keep getting better. I’ve been told my writing is good, but there is a lot I don’t know. I like learning. If you see something wrong with my grammar or my arguments, please let me know.


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