Writing is Thinking

“Writing is thinking.” I like that turn of phrase. If I want to figure something out or am working on a difficult problem writing is a good way to think it through. It helps me see the problem from a different perspective.

I often do this when I don’t know how to say something in an important conversation or just haven’t quite thought something through. I write. I think. And I get further than if I don’t.

I don’t just write when I have something figured out, I write so that I can figure it out.

There’s just something about seeing it on a page that helps me see the situation more clearly than I do in my own head. No one ever needs to read it, it just helps me think.


P.S. I heard the phrase “Writing is Thinking” from Jordan Peterson, but the concept is much older.




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    • You tend to think things through by talking, I do best when I can see it in front of me. If you try it, let me know how it works.

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