Try Something New-Old

The New-Old Things

I’ve really gotten into “new-old” things recently. As I’ve been paring down my possessions, I realized I was not engaging with some of my favorite things. In the quest for something new, I forgot what I already had.

That led me to explore not only my “new-old” things, but also old hobbies I used to enjoy.

It’d been a while since I listened to the Thrawn audiobooks (Star Wars), written a song, learned a new song for fun, played a game of chess, or written random points just because I wanted to.

I got to explore and re-live each of those activities in the last couple weeks. What was old is new again.

I didn’t go very deep into any of them except audiobooks. I listened to 7 in a row over 3-4 weeks. Now I’m burnt out, time to focus on something else. And maybe not go as overboard on whatever I do next.


What “new-old” thing or activity could you experience again?



P.S. Let me know if you want me to expand on the contentment post from last week.


Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

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