The “Momentum Effect”

I took a shower. And that changed everything.

I took a shower, then I washed my hair, I washed my hair, then I washed my face. I washed my face, then I washed my glasses. I washed my glasses, then I cleaned my cleaning cloth for my glasses. Then I ate. Then I worked for a bit. Then I finished unpacking a wedge for my bed.  Then I threw trash away and put things where they belonged. Then I took everything off my bed. Then I attended our Zoom Bible study. Then I talked to my mom. Then I watched part of a movie with my parents. Then I made my bed. Then I prayed with my parents. Then I cleaned the counter in my bathroom. Then I finished filling out some paperwork. Then I created a YouTube video. Then I wrote a blog post. Then I wrote another.

I also walked a lot, keeping in motion is something that is very important for me because of my health and difficult for me because of my health.

Today, I kept in motion.

Not every day will be this productive. This day was very productive, though not for work.

It’s not the productive day I’d like to focus on. It’s that a small success pushes you to do something else that gives you another small success that pushes you to do something else and so on. And don’t forget to celebrate every little win if you want to see more success (Re: Tiny Habits).

If you’re reading this, I do my normal editing for this post. I guarantee there will be typos and other grammatical errors. This post was written on Feb 2 and scheduled for Feb 11.


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