The Big 3

In Michael Hyatt’s book Free To Focus, he talks about coming up with his “Big 3” for the week. He looks at all he needs to do for the week and eliminates some, automates some and delegates some. With what he has left, he assigns some to the “back burner” list, things he needs or wants to do, but he doesn’t have time left to allocate to it this week. He then takes a look at what is left over and identifies three main things or types of things he needs to do this week. Those are his “Big 3”. He then comes up with a “Big 3” for each day. If he doesn’t get anything other than his Big 3 done, it is a win. If he gets most of the way to his goal for each of the Big 3 by the end of the week, it is still a win. Individual weeks can be hard and are not perfect, it is the long-term wins and habits that matter most. I have found this very useful in prioritizing my week because it gives me permission to fail on the less important tasks in order to focus on the most important ones.

What are my Big 3 for this week? My Big 3, chosen today: 1. Sleep. 2. Math. 3. Video Production / Editing.


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