Questions Determine Quality

Questions Determine Quality

It has been said that “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.”

The questions you ask yourself and others matter. But how do you know which questions to ask?

You can know which to ask by getting more practice, exposing yourself to new ideas, and capturing great questions.

How Do I Ask Better Questions?

Getting practice is simple. Ask yourself and other people more questions. The point is not to pester other people, the point is to ask more questions when we’re curious and pay attention to the questions we ask.

Being more aware of the questions we ask and the answers we get allows us to determine which questions reveal the most useful information. It’s easy to forget to do this with the questions you ask yourself, but it’s worth it.

Some of the simplest questions can be the most effective: How does that make you feel? How come? What is it about ___ that makes you feel/believe ___? What do you mean by that? Is that true?

Lastly, read great writing and write down the most important questions they ask. You can reflect and answer those questions and/or ask someone else for their answer.

A Question for You

Next week, we’ll take a look at one of my favorite questions. For now, I’m curious:

What is a question you find interesting or compelling?



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