Make Use of In-Between Times

Make use of waiting In-between times. Yesterday, I was in the car more than usual while someone else was driving. I made a couple phone calls and scheduled appointments in some of that downtime. I still talked to the people I was with for most of those two rides. I didn’t let it monopolize the time, but it was a way to effectively use the opportunity for productivity. You have to judge the usefulness of this in every situation. Sometimes the downtime is too short and not worth using because of the context switching cost. You just have to judge each situation as it comes up.

A Question for You

What could you do while you’re waiting?



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2 responses to “Make Use of In-Between Times”

  1. In the times that I wait, reading on my phone or if I’m able to bring a book is always great. But not if you’re in the middle of a conversation of course! Carlos brought a seminary book with him to the hospital, waiting for his little boy to arrive, haha

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