If I don’t.

This week’s “question” is from Greg McKeown:

I choose to ___ because if I don’t ___

A month ago, we were leaving for a trip. I was thinking I could just barely do a thumbnail I’d been wanting to do for work before I go if I sacrificed some important pre-trip tasks.

But before I did, I put it through this formula.

“I choose to do a thumbnail because if I don’t I’ll be slightly disappointed.”

No one else really cares.

That was not a strong enough reason so I let it go. I did it when I got back.

I went through the same process with wanting to take a shower before I left. It’s an involved process that takes a while because of my health issues.

It would have been a little bit better to do it at home, but by the time I otherwise got ready to leave, it was time to leave. So I left and showered there.

When You Actually Need to Do It

This method can be useful for things you actually need to do. I have to put on cream for one of my health issues. I put that process through this formula.

I choose to because of I don’t, I’ll itch. That somehow makes me feel better about it.

I  was actively choosing to do it instead of acting like an external force was forcing me to do it.

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this useful. I’m signing off for today, see you next time.




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  1. The deliberate change in perspective is really good for finding out your motives, and previewing the consequences of decisions… it’s definitely something I’ll be doing more in future!

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