I Quit (again).

Two weeks ago, I decided to start the Daily Tidbits series and post every day. I think that was a good experience, but it’s time to bring that to a close. I quit (again).

What I Learned

These Daily Tidbits have been a good opportunity to try out many ideas quickly and push past perfectionism. I was able to practice finding images for posts, improving the readability of my posts, and learned a little about Search Engine Optimization. I learned how to write and set aside time for writing even when I’m busy and don’t feel like it.

Towards the end of this week, I was getting burnt out. I felt like some of the ideas I was writing about in Daily Tidbits deserved more attention than I was able to give in a short blog post. The Tidbits were actually getting in the way of my writing that involved deeper thinking. I didn’t have time to think deeply about posts anymore.

All of that is why I decided to run the survey and see what you (my readers) think. Everyone who has responded agrees that a once a week schedule would be better. I’m still going to be writing at least a paragraph every day, but I’ll only be posting once a week.

What To Expect

Going forward, I will post a longer-form Weekly Wandering post every Saturday evening. Since I’m still writing every day, this will allow me to develop my blog posts more. I hope this will provide more value to you. Thank you for the kind words and comments. See you on Saturday 🙂


A Question for You

Is there something you would be better off letting go of? Even if you told yourself you were going to do it?

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash.

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