Changing Our Expectations

Accept Life Without It

I hung out with a friend today and as he was leaving, he told me a piece of dating advice he found applicable to all of life:

“You should never accept anything into your life without accepting what life would be like without it.”

It will save you a lot of pain.

Setting Our Expectations Higher

I shared a quote with him from Russ (one of my mentors):

“If we set our expectations on persons, places, or things; they will disappear and disappoint. But if we set our expectation on God He will never disappear or disappoint.”

The ideal attitude is that we would expect nothing except that God will do all He has said that He will do.

It is easier said than done. By God’s grace, through His word, we can grow to set our expectation more and more on Him alone.



Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash


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