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  • Rewrite

    If it’s even remotely important, rewrite it before you send it. Rewrites are almost always better than the original. Josh

  • Empathy, It’s Not What You Think (The Real Version)

    Recently, I listened to a friend’s mini-rant on people who say they feel what others feel when they really don’t. This is my response: I’ve been told I’m empathetic, but I’m not an empath. Part of being empathetic is acknowledging I don’t feel what you feel. People (including me) mess this up all the time…

  • Barnacles and Hard Things

    Some things are really hard until you see the easier path. Barnacles have glands that “secrete a type of natural quick cement able to withstand a pulling strength of 5,000 pounds (2,000 kilograms) per square inch and an sticking strength of 22–60 pounds (10–30 kilograms) per square inch.” (Barnacles, Wikipedia) In plain English: If you…

  • “What’s The Most Important Thing I Need To Do Today?

    What’s Most Important? I love Essentialism by Greg McKeown. He asks lots of great questions in the book that help to determine what really matters. Here’s one: “What’s the most important thing I need to do today?” The answer is ONE thing that if done would make a satisfactory day. A Story About This Important…

  • Motivation Doesn’t Matter Without Implementation

    Motivation Doesn’t Matter Without Implementation

    Being Specific “How?” is a universal and often neglected question. What follows is my opinion that I consider fact. Students don’t need to hear ” behave yourself”, or “do your best”. They need to hear “sit quietly and don’t poke anyone”, and “work through sections 1 through 4. If you don’t understand anything, ask me…

  • If You Could Go Back in Time, What Would You Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

    If You Could Go Back in Time, What Would You Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

    “If you could go back in time and talk to your 18 year old self, what would you say?” That’s the question I asked a few people back in 2019 when I was 18. I don’t remember most of the responses, but one of them stuck with me. “Don’t be so selfish.” That answer came…

  • Don’t Sabotage Your Future By Planning For It

    I often sabotage my future by planning for it. I let planning become a substitute for action. Some planning is essential for success, but it should never replace action. A great article on why proper planning is essential: A great article on how planning can easily take the place of action:

  • Execute

    We cannot let planning take the place of action. Planning is important, but we need to execute our plans. “Success comes not from what we think about or plan to do, but from what we actually do.” –Scott Sonenshein I found it on LinkedIn posted by: Peter Vande Hey

  • Work Smarter

    “Those who only know what they do, work harder. Those who also know WHY they do what they do, work smarter.” – Simon Sinek Work Smarter.

  • To Gain Clarity, Write.

    David C. Baker: “We gain clarity through articulation.” James Clear also talks about how he doesn’t really know what he thinks about something unless he has written about it. Journaling has made a big difference for me in gaining clarity through writing. Especially when I’m writing as a prayer to God.