Author: Josh

  • Baby Girl: A Hopeful Dirge for the Parents of a Stillborn Child

    I wrote this poem for the parents of a stillborn child some time ago. They more recently gave me permission to share it publicly in the hopes it might be a comfort to others who have lost little ones. Baby Girl by Josh Mudge Baby girl who died far too young Unborn daughter who never…

  • Rewrite

    If it’s even remotely important, rewrite it before you send it. Rewrites are almost always better than the original. Josh

  • A Typing Tip

    Random fact I wish I knew before: I went back to to practice typing numbers and actually watched the video I normally skip. If you want to know what finger to use to type a number, just count your fingers starting with your pinky finger on your left hand. Your pointer fingers count for…

  • Expectations, People, and God

    I was recently reminded of something a mentor of mine, Russ, said years ago. “If we set our expectation on persons, places, or things; they will disappear and disappoint. If we set our expectation on God, He will never disappear or disappoint.” The older I get, the more truth I find in that statement. Josh

  • Video Editing Resources

    I transitioned from video editing to being a freelance communication coach in September. I wanted to post a list of resources for video editing before I forgot what resources I found helpful, so I made this post. If you just want to get started, you may be able to just skip to the “Other Resources”…

  • Rewriting

    If I write something and come back the next day to look at it, I can usually find a better way of writing it. If I’m on a deadline or need to send a message right away even another 2 minutes of thought can help me rewrite it into something better. I think much of…

  • The Sunshade Umbrella

    I bad a fun little moment today. I pulled up to an appointment in pouring rain and didn’t have an umbrella, so I used my car’s sunshade as an umbrella. It looked ridiculous and it worked great. A little man held the door open for me which I appreciated. Josh

  • Don’t Feel Like It? “just start moving”

    I was in a funk today, then I folded some socks. That little success spurred me on to drink some water, go for a walk, and eat lunch. I ended up having a great day all because I prayed and started moving. I think my main issue was being dehydrated. If I hadn’t folded those…

  • If You’re Talking, You’re Not Learning

    “If you’re talking, you’re not learning” – Alex Harmozi I was thinking about this quote when my physical therapist was telling me about something I knew quite a bit about. I felt like saying something to show I already knew what he was telling me, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. I’m glad…

  • How to Overcome Writer’s Block

    How to Overcome Writer’s Block Find a question you find compelling. Answer it. Repeat. If it’s assigned writing, find a question about the topic that you feel is worth answering and answer it. This technique makes boring writing come alive. Josh P.S. This idea came from Jordan Peterson.