Month: October 2022

  • Unexpectedly Grateful

    Unexpectedly Grateful

    I’m in pain right now, and also someone grateful. My pain is better than it has been for the last few days, even though it is still worse than usual. That mild reduction in pain is a cause for gratitude. I am not always grateful that these reprieves but I should be. Losing something, or…

  • Writing, Living, and Resting

    Writing, Living, and Resting

    I used to write about life a lot more than I really invested in living it. I have some catch-up work to do in living by the principles I’ve preached. That catch-up work may occupy my attention to the point that I may not write here as much. You may have already noticed this in…

  • Motivation Doesn’t Matter Without Implementation

    Motivation Doesn’t Matter Without Implementation

    Being Specific “How?” is a universal and often neglected question. What follows is my opinion that I consider fact. Students don’t need to hear ” behave yourself”, or “do your best”. They need to hear “sit quietly and don’t poke anyone”, and “work through sections 1 through 4. If you don’t understand anything, ask me…

  • What’s Easy Gets Done

    What’s easy gets done. What’s something important you could make easier? What’s the very next step? Josh